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defense secretary is against. where does the president stand on the idea of having military prosecutors be the place that women or men go when there's a -- when they have a sexual assault charge? >> well, there's no question that this is absolutely inexcusable conduct. the president spoken and convened the secretary of defense in the white house on thursday to express this has to be resolved. we're going to look for a way. >> they have been told that for years. >> and the lack of response and action here is completely unacceptable secretary of defense knows that. joint chiefs know that. the president's communicated. so what we have to do is find a way to address this in a better fashion that's been done, the president instructed the secretary of defense to do that. >> does the president support the idea or think it's feasible to take this issue out of the chain of command so a woman or a man who has a sexual assault charge doesn't have to go to their unit commander to report this? >> well, there's an array of -- a change like that something has to be done legislatively. it's a change to
efforts to find a political and diplomatic solution. now, on missile defense you asked me whether the change of the so-called phased adapt cannive approach -- adaptive approach could also facilitate closer cooperation with russia on missile defense. and that's an important question. my answer would be, yes, i think it should. because the russian concerns so far have primarily been related to the fourth phase. and now phase four as actually been abolished. and so if there is a political will in moscow to actually cooperate, i think that could pave the way for an agreement as to how nato and russia could cooperate on missile defense. let me stress, having said that, the fact that phase four, the fourth and final phase has been abolished does not change that the whole of the population in european nato nations will be covered by the nato missile defense system because the first three phases will be imelemented as planned, and that will -- implemented as planned, and that will cover all populations in european nato nations. i was asked when will the occupation of an end. ko
not working today for the men and women who are serving. >> defense secretary chuck hagel has ordered the retraining of key personnel involved in sexual assault prevention programs. but with a number of cases of sexual assaults and rapes on the rise in the military, key commanders are acknowledging they just are not sure what to do to solve the problem. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >>> our thanks to barbara. it is six minutes past the hour. people in the neighborhoods hardest hit by the tornados in texas aren't even be allowed back to survey damage in their homes this morning. the national weather service says at least 16 tornadoes touched down. and those who have seen the scope of the damage firsthand say it is surreal and it is extensive. among them is victor blackwell, live from granbury texas and i was reading there are seven people missing this morning? >> still seven people missing this morning. zoraida and the search, we're told by the sheriff here in hood county continued overnight. a recovery effort, not especially any more a rescue effort. i was in the rancho brazos nei
on the defensive. >> jessica yellin at the white house. jessica, so we know clearly the white house in damage control there. you're watching in the rose garden there. the president yesterday announced the resignation of the irs commissioner. do you think that the administration feels like it's done enough or does he have more explaining to do today? >> suzanne, whether they feel they have more explaining to do or not, bottom line is they do. remember in 2007 and 2008, barack obama then a senator ran on a platform of hope ask change. he promised to run government in a different way. it would not be politics as usual. he's requiring more trust in government than at times in the past. and now there are a series of stories raising people's concerns or at least fed the perception that government can't function properly. so we have to answer the questions under his watch can government function properly? he has also insisted that his is the most transparent administration in history, but his administration has prosecuted more reporters for leaks -- i'm sorry, more government officials for leaks tha
to be hammered for this. they did this in a defensive, calculated way. their initial response to protect themselves. mr. miller did not help himself today. >> my favorite part of mr. miller's testimony if there is a greatest hits today was when he was asked by members of congress, did you intentionally mislead us? and his answer was, he didn't mislead them. but he answered your questions as they were asked. that's not a really good answer to give members of congress. >> you want to give them the tr nothing but the truth in its proper context. >> their job is oversight. they should be allowed to do it. >> it's interesting though. lois lerner when she released it at the american bar association, first rule of bad news damage control, if you got bad news you release it. don't wait for your enemies to get ahold of that. and that is clearly on their mind. thanks very much. >>> up next, the powerball jackpot. hitting $600 million. and it's climbing. if no one beats the odds tomorrow it could be approaching, yes, $1 billion. >>> also coming up glamour, glitter, and bling. while movie stars wer
. >>> this morning south korea's military defense claims north korea has launch tleedhree short-range missiles off the east coast. seth is monitoring this from beijing. seth, good morning. >> good morning to you, tracy. two of those missiles was launched this morning, another one was launched later this afternoon, that according to the south korean defense ministry. it's not known why the north launched these three short-range guided missiles into the sea off the east coast, and these types of missile launches are not uncommon in north korea, but this does come amid stepped-up tension and diplomacy in north korean. north korea's leader had threatened all out war against the south and america this year. that ramped up sanctions against his country and those joint u.s.-south korean military exercises that were taking place. just recently the north had moved to mid-range missiles it had on the east coast that were believed to be able to reach guam. that was seen as a potential deescalation. but south korea is watching this latest move and says it will step up its surveillance on
for 42 years in the army come the state department, the defense department and 25 years with the cia most recently as the division chief in the office of soviet affairs. he has authored, co-authored and edited seven books and he is currently a senior fellow at the center for international policy and an adjunct professor of government at johns hopkins. it's clear that he is constantly writing and he has published just about everything except maybe "people" magazine. ladies and gentlemen i'm very pleased to introduce the author of the "national insecurity," mel goodman. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you for the intro and thank you for the invitation. to talk about the book here. i am glad you started with eisenhower. i am going to start with eisenhower, greatly underestimated president. are you having trouble in the back? it greatly underestimated president. john talked about one morning. i briefly want to talk about for more -- warnings that eisenhower gave and i think you will appreciate in terms of national security policy and defense policy. you have to appreciate these warni
. his defense strategy -- >> two words, not guilty. >> and what he says about the little girl he fathered with one of his victims. >>> you decide -- 10 million people have watched this couple belting out tunes at a gas station pump for "the tonight show." was it a spontaneous moment or were they in on the act. we'll ask them today may 15th, 2013. >>> and >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie. what a disturbing story at the top. all service members in sexual assault prevention programs to be rescreened and retrained in the wake of those back-to-back assault cases. >> let us get right to jim miklaszews miklaszewski. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. here we go again p, for the second time in two weeks. an american servicemen, who is supposed to be protecting women against sexual assault is accused, at least, of sexual assault. lawmakers on capitol hill are already calling these latest allegations disgusting and sickening. the name of this army sergeant hasn't been released because he hasn't been fo
congress is stuck in many areas, both parties this morning took a unified step toward defense of our country and in service to our veterans. mr. speaker, in a small hearing room right below here, the military construction and veterans appropriations committee said yes, said yes in a bipartisan manner, to meet our defense department infrastructure needs and to properly care for our veterans. the bill spend as little less than the president asked for and a little more than last year -- spends a little less than the president asked for and a little more than last year. the bill also compels both the department of defense and veterans affairs to use a single integrated electronic health record, ensuring a seams transition of care for -- seams transition of care for our veterans leaving war service. today we got to a yes which is essential and right. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from texas seek recognition? without objection, the gentlewoman is recognized for one minute. ms. jackson lee: mr. speaker, this almost seems like the curious case o
an important white house address in defense of the signature achievement of his administration, the affordable care act, likely to be one of the primary issues of the 2014 campaign. the president made his remarks to a room full of women and the very first constituency he thanked were moms. he then asked them to help him to fight attempts to derail the affordable care act. >> thanks to women in this room and all across the country, we've worked really hard and it's been now more than three years since congress passed the affordable care act and i signed is it into law. and for those of us who believe that every american deserves access to affordable, quality health care have an obligation to now make sure that full implementation moves forward the way it needs to. >> the president's political appeal to mothers came not just two days before mother's day, but also amid a growing movement to mobilize mothers on a range of national issues, momentum prominently, gun control. this week, the group moms demand action is holding rallies in cities and towns across the country for tighter gun laws. in eac
at the pentagon. good morning. >> good morning. defense secretary hagel will hold a press conference today to talk about the meeting with the president and explain what he plans to do about the embarrassing fact that service memb servicemen in charge of sexual assault prevention programs are being arrested themselves for sexual assault. after reading the pentagon's top military and civilian leaders, the commander in chief spelled out the stakes. >> not only shameful and disgraceful, but it also is going to make and has made our military less effective than it can be. >> reporter: the chief of the army issued a statement, admitting it is failing to combat sexual assault. >> i want to leave no stone unturned, and i want us to explore every good idea that is out there. >> reporter: there are hard profile cases like jeffrey krusinski, head of sexual assault prevention with the air force, now charged with groping a woman. and the army sergeant at ft. hood, in charge of sexual assault prevention, under investigation for assault and prostitution. then there are the numbers, which senator barbara boxer sa
soldiers and four defense contractors. a militant muslim group is claiming responsibility for the attack at least six people are dead after as many as 10 tornadoes tore across texas. tonight, the damage and the continuing search for people who are still missing. another member of the u.s. military in charge of preventing sexual assault is under arrest. this time, facing charges of harassing his own ex-wife. that's coming up. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur we're not in london, are we? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information.
former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld returns to "meet the press." this time he's out of office and weighing in on the big issues in "rumsfeld's rules." >> announcer: from nbc news in washington, the world's longest running television program, this is "meet the press" with david gregory. >> good sunday morning. tough week for president obama. one columnist wondering if the president like president clinton before him could actually emerge stronger from all of this, while others see the swirl of the controversies making it stronger for the president to succeed with his second-term agenda. the president is going to address congratulations watts at moorehouse college this morning. and thursday he'll deliver a speech on counterterrorism. here this morning one of the men trying to direct a response to all of these controversy, the president's senior adviser, dan pfeiffer, a man who has been with the president since his 2008 campaign. good to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> i've been reading that the white house wouldn't spend more than 10% on these controversies. jay car
to come forward, but there are people in the cia, the defense department, and other state department officials who have more to say. some of it they cannot tell me. is classified or secret or they are not comfortable. that basically say there is more to this story. so i think we keep going on this, we might find out more information that we do not know today. of cbsharyl attkisson news, you have always been gracious with your time on c- span. we appreciate it. the come back again. will be on "face the nation." you can listen to it on c-span radio. when we come back, we will turn our situation to the -- our attention to the situation in cleveland. later, philip mudd, the author of a new book on homegrown terrorism as the "washington journal" continues the sunday morning on maybe the 12. we are back in a moment. ♪ >> post-9/11, a lot more people cared about national security issues then was the case before. all of a sudden, there was a market for former cia folks, former defense intelligence agencies, and for some -- and former ages it all of those guys who were used to operating in
secretary of defense donald rumsfeld returns to "meet the press." this time he's out of office and weighing in on the big issues in "rumsfeld's rules."
,000 for his defense. he also testified despite his cohorts getting plea deals he was never offered one. that is because, according to testimony, galanter never told him it was an option. take a listen. >> did you ever hear about a two to five? >> no. >> did you ever hear about a 30-month to five? >> no. >> did you every hear about one count of robbery? >> no. >> reporter: yale ga landter is expected to take the stand tomorrow. martha, expect a very different version. back to you. martha: this is the first time we've seen him on the stand, right? >> reporter: that's right. o.j. simpson, you will recall, did not take the stand in his murder trial and he did not take the stand in the robbery and kidnapping case. his attorneys yesterday said he was very happy to get up there and tell his side of the story. and according to those who were inside the courtroom, he actually represented himself very well. >> we never really knew how he was going to be on a witness stand under oath. today he was as relaxed today as anybody could be on the direct and cross-examination. i mean it was amazing to w
defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. >>> how you doing? just before 3:00 etern time, i'm chris cuomo in new york. we have some breaking news for you here out of indiana. a school bus has crashed. we're looking at it right now. e we're just getting this information in. we'll be watching the information. we have heard it's a special needs group of students in the bus. there are injuries. we don't know the circumstances yet surrounding why it happened, but we wanted to give this to you just because we know it's developing right now. we're trying to find out what we can. the location, indiana between zionsville and lebanon in boone county. left lane as you can see is closed. emergency crews are treating patients, trying to clean up the crash. we don't know yet, again, what's going on. we don't want to give information we haven't confirmed but the patients are being taken to st. vincent and met
. defense attorneys argued russell was diluted by depression at the time of the shooting. >> data for campbell harassment program and kentucky has been removed from his post after being arrested and a domestic tax dispute. military vessels late lieut. colonel darin haas turns himself into police. he is suspected of violating a protection order and stalking his ex- wife. police say the two are in a child custody battle in have restraining orders against each other. the news comes as the military deals with the rise in sexual assault reports within the ranks. the u.s. marshals service has apparently lost a couple of people were in the witness protection program. will mesas more troubling is that both of them are described as " known or suspected terrorist ". that is according to a justice department audit. the report says that one of the suspect was later found living outside the u.s.. the other breast as also believes the left the country. the justice barbicels the the number of known or suspected terrorists represent a fraction of 1 percent of the people in the witness program. me
the balance between workers and employers. that is not a defense of the chinese government. they have made a conscious decision to ensure that more of the benefits of the production go to workers. the bangladesh government has not made that decision. >> got this from the workers' rights consortium's appeared we want to thank him for being here. >> we want to tell you what is coming up tomorrow. we begin with a discussion of political fallout from the impact on future negotiations over issues like immigration reform. she is the white house and congressional reporter. we'll also be talking with gillian sanchez about the use of surveillance cameras. we will finish up with the women's action network. she will talk to us about the sexual assaults in the military. we will see you again tomorrow .orning >> next, matt self driving cars and other new technologies and communication devices. then the director of the national institutes of health testifying on his agency's budget. later, the national transportation safety board. is, why do we do it. why do we take the risk. is it fun?
first constitutional duties is to provide for the common defense and a military is necessary and needs to be run a lot better. there is a lack of leadership right now amongst our military ranks. it is not leading when you come here to the congress asking more money for your pet projects and not doing what you can to eliminate the waste, fraud and abuse in the military. i know there is, because they can't be audited. not because there is a stute, but they can't bring themselves to an audit table. they are so sloppy and don't know what they spend their money on most of the time. that is wrong. that is wrong for our troops. regarding the social entitlement programs, our health care programs, many folks come to me and say, wait a minute, i have been paying into those programs all my life. don't you dare call them social entitlement programs. and you know what? they're right. we do pay in to these programs, most of us through our working lives. here's another truth and more specific truth, mr. spy. look at this graph. and on average, a couple who made $71 or so through their working lives w
. >> in an effort to appeal to women, the nra is highlighting a number of products for women's self-defense including purses with hidden handgun pockets. because if there's one thing women are good at, it's quickly retrieving something from their purse. >> that's like going through that bag i tote to and from work with the homework and stuff in it. by the way, seth myers will take over nbc's "late night" when jimmy fallon hosts the "tonight show" next year. >>> it's clear where most of america stands on background checks for gun purchases. several polls out there show nine out of ten americans, as you know, are in favor of wider checks. here's a question. what other issues have nine out of ten of us on the same page? the "associated press" put together a list. the results are pretty basic. things like admire those who get rich by working hard. or believe it's wrong for married people to have sexual affairs. or consider preventing terrorism a very important foreign policy goal. well, backing wider background checks fits right on to that common sense list. >>> also, michele bachmann's back in
up tomorrow. >> also former defense secretary donald rumsfeld is here to share his book. >> and from "american idol" a performance by jessi sanchez. jeff: singer, star, author, and a model. >> i sing with my eyes open. jeff: with an exclusive look at his new movie. plus, he's singing for us. ♪ baby, that's why you bring out the best in me ♪ [applause] jeff: ok! all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show, and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show because there
. >> that was donald rumsfeld, president bush's former defense secretary, lighting his own flaming torch in the great republican witchhunt on benghazi. rather than an orchestrated cover-up. glen kesler writes in the "washington post" this was basically a bureaucratic knife fight. in other words the final versions of the talking points have been so won because officials deleted things that upset both sides. >> 12 talking points for mabs susan rice revealed that the c.i.a. had originally included language that al qaeda. the investigation was still in its early stages. yesterday, the blame game continued. state department spokeswoman jen sake had something suggestions regarding the c.i.a.'s involvement. >> let me start by just reminding you that these were c.i.a. points. they were c.i.a. edited. they were c.i.a. finalized. so the ultimate result of this was the best estimate of the time of the intel community. again to go back to the bottom-line point here, these were c.i.a. points of the intel assessment at the time. they made the decision about what the final points were going to include. they did inc
to the floor of the united states senate today armed with magnificent pauses and led to the defense of all those tea party groups who were singled out for special scrutiny by the irs. now, this is incredibly ironic because many of those same tea party groups in the republican leader's home state of kentucky aren't exactly big fans of mr. mcconnell. in fact, mr. mcconnell is not especially popular in kentucky. he's been quaking in his boots that a tea party challenger would emerge in next year's republican primary and terminate his bid for re-election. so it's no surprise that he was first in line to denounce this nefarious plot to rail against this criminal conspiracy! to bemoan this -- what's the word i'm looking for? >> it's clear they were on a jihad. >> right. jihad. that's the word. joining us now is representative john yarmouth, democrat of kentucky. good afternoon, sir. >> hello, martin. >> we're not even a full week into this story about the irs and already mr. mcconnell is describing that agency in terms which are usually reserved for al qaeda. what's your reaction to that? >> wel
is wondering in cleveland how is he paying for these two defense lawyers, they have a really good history of taking care of their clients. they've actually gotten charges, an acquittal on murder charges and other sex crimes and we were wondering if he was taking his retirement fund that he built up over 21 years as that school bus driver for the cleveland municipal school district and right now, the people who run that tell me that he hasn't touched a dime of it. he can go in and take one lump sum out but he can't cherry pick what he wants to take out and so far, he hasn't touched a penny. >> interesting. all right. scott taylor, appreciate the reporting. thank you. >>> still ahead, new information about the mysterious death of a popular doctor and mom. a lethal dose of cyanide was found in her system. question is, who gave it to her. the fbi is now joining the search for answers. >>> also ahead, my interview with jessica buchanan, an american aide worker who was kidnapped by somali pirates, held for 93 days and rescued by s.e.a.l.s. >> next thing i know they're pounding the windshield an
about what was unfolding. democrats coming to her defense and republicans saying that's not true. that time line doesn't mesh she did oversee the subordinates who knew what was going on with the irs. >> let's be clear, there was not a single tea party group to receive irs tax exempt status for 27 months. meanwhile all kinds of left wing progressive groups got their status including flakey ones, a flake charity called the barack h. ba ramah in alexandria virginia is not even real and they got it in 32 days. >> so fast the turnover for any democratic. >> not just the republicans being prevented from entering into political debate democrats got fast tracked. >> alisyn: curious to see how much money people make and look at their paychecks. this is what has been published about sarah hall ingram when she was in charge. in $2,009,179,000. almost $180,000. her salary went up during the course of those three years with bonuses. can you see she got some significant bonuses to $212,000 in 2011, $203,000 in 2012. >> tea party members saying and tea party groups saying this absolutely cannot
to come down from the supreme court on the defense of marriage act. that will be the next hopefully good piece of news. >> it will take time to overcome the constitutional things in some states. back to the leak question. the obama administration has been aggressive. there is a policy. they have gone after these leaks with a ven he knew. over zellous? >> i think so. reports say they have engaged in leak prosecutions more than all other administrations combined. that stands in contradiction to their asserted position that they are in favor of transparent government. they made a big deal about putting meetings online. their objections prosecuting leaks just is reprehensible. >> bill: i have to tell you the reason i am a member because when it comes to constitutional rights of all americans, the aclu is in the front lines on the job, defending us all. i really appreciate that. and thank you for coming in this morning? >> thanks for having me. it's a real pleasure to be here. >> bill: thanks. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] compelling true stor
of the area and conditions made it difficult to prepare a defense. white is one of 25 including 13 female corrections officers alleging widespread corruption inside the baltimore detention center and we also learned the head of the investigative unit is leaving for the u.s. department of veterans affairs. jesse ballard oversaw investigations and they say ballard's move is not connected to the corruption case. >> we are learning about a grizzly discovery, baltimore police are investigating a woman's death as a homicide. they found the woman's body and say an injured male was transported to a hospital. no word yetn how the woman died or the extent of the man's injuries, but police say they do believe the crime was domestic. >> in an attempt to curb animal abuse it started with the -- ing of a vicious dog vicious burning of a dog in 19 in 2009. >> police released this report only after we asked when it would be made public. a pit bull named phoenix burned so badly in 2009 she eventually had to be euthanized. it led to national charges and led then mayor sheila decisions on the set up an anim
defense. but we've gotten far afield from the framers' vision of how our country should operate or from the constitutional system that they created, and which we celebrate. now, more than ever, washington needs credibility. if you don't have the public's trust, how in the world are you ever going to gain their confidence that we are going to address the many challenges that our country faces? i'm not pessimistic about our future. i am optimistic about our future. but it will take a change of attitude. it will take a change of behavior. it will take, in some sense, a return to the founders' philosophy on the framework and structure on which our government operates, because for too long the federal government has said, we know best. if you don't like it it's because we haven't given you enough information to convince you to like it. and to take the policies that are unpopular and merely to shove them down the throat of the american people and think we're doing our job. but we know we have huge challenges, which call on us to work together on a bipartisan basis to regain the public's confi
that eisenhower gave in to appreciate the terrible mess we're in with national security policy and defense policy, you have to appreciate these warnings in the first military industrial complex warning probably made that farewell address along with george washington did to most famous for well we have ever heard in his own hand review ever looked at a rough draft of the speech in remember eisenhower was are born -- wonderful writer and general marshall whatever he had a problem and needed a memo written he would always ask eisenhower. but in his own hand he wrote congressional industrial complex with his brother asked him why he dropped congressional he said to take on the military and industry was enough i couldn't take on the congress even though he knew that is for the problem was with the unnecessary spending on defense and is the problem today as well. the second warning came from a speech he gave in the first year of the presidency and he wrote it tim self unlike the first draft of the farewell address of the hopkins professor who was instrumental to put together that speech but in 1953 he
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)